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Skin Cancer


A total body skin exam here at Lincoln Road Dermatology is recommended yearly. We carefully inspect your skin to look for any potentially dangerous bumps, birthmarks or blemishes. In the event we find something that looks like skin cancer, it would be removed for biopsy. The treatment choices are based on cancer type, location, aggressivity, as well as the overall health of the patient. Treatment considerations include not only surgery, but also electrodessication and curretage, topical immunotherapy, cryosurgery, chemotherapy, radiation and photodynamic therapy where appropriate.




Dr. Marcy Alvarez is trained in a variety of invasive surgical procedures, including but not limited to skin cancer surgery, removal of benign and malignant cysts, as well as cosmetic removal of moles, skin tags and other benign, undesirable growths.

Surgery is performed comfortably in our office under local anesthesia and can be made more relaxing with the aid of nitrous oxide in case of anxiety or needle phobia. 

Please be aware you will need an initial consultation before a surgical procedure will be scheduled.

Tips for checking suspicious moles


Melanomas are on the rise. While it is the most deadly of skin cancers, luckily it is not the majority of skin cancers found worldwide. When found early, these cancers can be cured with local surgery. 

A yearly skin examination with our physician can be one of the most important steps to finding these deadly cancers early. We utilize a special instrument known as a dermatoscope to carefully evaluate your skin at every visit. 

A monthly self skin examination can also help you detect any new or changing moles. The photo to the left, courtesy of American Academy of Dermatology, can aid you in the recognition of suspicious moles which should prompt an evaluation. 

The ABCDE's of moles is a simple acronym to aid in our search. While the majority of melanomas are thought to arise de novo or out of the blue, others come from pre-existing moles which undergo change.

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